Privacy Policy

Welcome to the privacy page of Nottingham accountants Grace Heathfield and Co. We’re committed to providing a range of professional accounting services to individuals and businesses and we want to ensure that you feel confident and secure in the way that we deal with your information. We must comply with UK laws as well as professional-body regulations, and we must ensure that we manage your personal information properly and inform you of your rights. If you want to know more, please contact us here.

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Suzanna Edwards - Jones


  • Data Collection
    We have to collect certain personal data from you to enable us to work on your behalf (in our professional role) when instructed to do so by you. Nottingham Accountants Grace Heathfield + Co have legal responsibilities and may have to provide information for example to HMRC for fraud prevention and anti-money laundering reasons. We also collect data to enable us to provide you with the best possible service. If we have collected your personal data and you terminate the contract between us before any work has been carried out, then we will destroy the collected data immediately upon termination of our agreement.

  • Type of Data
    The sort of data we will collect from you will be data confirming your identity, data relating to your financial status, data relating to your tax affairs, data connected to related persons, data related to Politically Exposed Persons, and any other information which allows us (Nottingham accountants Grace Heathfield and Co) to legally carry out our duties as accountants on your behalf. We may collect personal data from one or more credit reference agencies.

  • Data Sharing
    From time to time we will use third parties to process and store your personal information. We do this to be able to work effectively and efficiently on your behalf and to ensure that your data is regularly backed up to a secure location. We are required to pass your data on to government and fraud prevention agencies where we suspect the presence of criminal activity. We do not store your personal data anywhere outside of the UK and will ensure that any third parties we use will also have robust privacy policies in place.


  • Data Retention
    Personal data that we have acquired will be kept for 6 years following the end of our appointment as your accountants. After that period the data will be reviewed and securely destroyed if no longer required.

  • Your Rights
    You have the right to ask us why we have your personal information, what information we hold, how we came to hold it, how long we will keep it and, if it will be sent to others. If any information we hold is incorrect you can ask us to rectify this. Please tell us about any changes in information that we need to know about as soon as possible. You can object to us holding your information (depending on the legal basis), if we are using your data for something other than the requested purpose. You can ask us to delete information we hold about you unless it conflicts with legal/professional reasons for us holding it. You also have the right to ask us to send you information we hold about you in one of our commonly used electronic formats, or you may make an appointment to view information at our business premises. Once you have consented to us using your information, you have the right to withdraw consent at any time. The lawful basis for us holding your personal information will be contained in your Letter of Engagement.